2013 My Lucky Star Where's The Dragon?
2012 Chinese Zodiac 12 Guns & Roses From The Rough
2011 Maktub Inseparable Hellcats TV Series
2010 You Again Love in Disguise How to Make a Love to Women
2009 Sophie's Revenge Valentine Van Wilder: Freshman Year
2008 Minutemen Labou Final Season
2007 The Game Plan Jonny Kapahala: Back on Board Fight of Living Dead
Highlander: The Search for Vengeance
2006 Ten Days That Unexpectedly Changed America Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior The World According to Sesame Streett
She's the Man
2005 Tom and Jerry : The Fast and the Furry The Myth One Six Right
The American Experience Reefer Madness : The Movie Musical
2004 Nine Dog Christmas Who's Your Daddy?
2003 Charlie's War Red Trousers: The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen
2002 Price for Peace American Family
2001 Shoot! Forbidden City
2000 Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Rock, Paper, Scissors Brightness
1999 Sabrina the Animated Series Storm Dak ging san yan lui
1998 The Water Ghost Jakie Chan's Who Am I? Fat Dog Mendoza
War Dogs of the Pacific The Secret Of Mulan Moses: Egypt's Great Prince
1997 The Lost Children of Berlin
1996 Tales from the Crypt Jakie Chan's First Strike
1995 The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat Rumble in the Bronx
1994 Natural Causes Nick & Noel
1993 Eek! The Cat
1992 Specllcaster
1990 China Beach
1989 Encyclopedia Brown
1983 Hanging Heart

"Nathan Wang is one of the most skilled and versatile composers that I have ever worked with. He has a far ranging knowledge of music that allows him to combine all kinds of musical influences into a synthesis that is unexpected and always original. The big bonus is that he is unfailingly enthusiastic and up for a challenge. We worked together on "Hellcats", and I am very proud of all we accomplished in our time together."

- Allan Arkush

"It was a pleasure working with Nathan on Inseparable. Not only is he fast, he's able to deliver a score that is emotionally satisfying and thematically relevant to the characters journey. I look forward to working with Nathan on my future projects again."

- Dayyan Eng

"One of the greatest professional relationships I have as a filmmaker is that with my longtime composer and friend, Nathan Wang. Nathan has been my right and left hand in every medium that I have explored as a Director/Producer/Writer: Film, Television, Theater, the Internet and sometimes I think Nathan just composes music for when I walk around in my everyday life. There truly is nothing that Nathan can't do and as a creative collaborator, there is nothing he won't put his heart and soul and musical genius into doing. As I go from project to project, there are many problems and concerns that I have faced, but I have never once worried about how the music on my projects will sound. To work with Nathan is to truly be given a front-row seat to the symphony written and created by a musical genius. I always know that with Nathan's musical guidance, whether it is comedy or drama, action or suspense, romance or horror, historical or fantasy: Nathan will always make it better. The luckiest people I know are the ones who've had a chance to have Nathan Wang compose their music."

- Andy Fickman

"I had the pleasure of working with Nathan during my Walt Disney Hall concert in LA back in 2009. He was my music conductor and I so enjoyed every minute of working with him. I love his enthusiasm and his willingness to explore new sounds which made every session fun. He is such a talented guy and I'm so happy he is also my dear friend! Nathan, U R SIMPLY AWESOME!!!!!"

- Coco Lee

"I've done stage musicals, cartoons, movies and a couple of TV series with Nathan. His professionalism, technical skill, taste and talent are beyond reproach, but what really stands out for me is the unbridled passion and joy he brings to every project. No matter what the project, what the genre, what the medium, Nathan immerses himself in the world. He becomes that particular project's number one fan, it's most dedicated adherent. There's nothing more enjoyable than sitting through a spotting session with Nathan and hearing him react with an audible gasp to any given plot twist. I believe there's a method to this particular madness. From what I've observed, that emotional imprinting with the story upon first viewing is part of what allows Nathan to get "inside" the characters and score them with an intimacy and personal idiosyncrasy that many other composers attempt but seldom are able to achieve. He's a special guy, his work is stellar and I'm quite lucky to be able to call him both collaborator and friend."

- Kevin Murphy

"Working with Nathan Wang was one of the most rewarding aspects of making the film The Legend of Pancho Barnes. Nathan brought with him a terrific working attitude -- he is relentlessly positive -- and all sorts of creative energy. I can't describe adequately how much he enhanced our film with his score. Moments of humor were suddenly funnier, and morose moments suddenly produced tears where there had been none before. Nathan works in mysterious and wonderful ways, and his modesty seems to know no bounds. I for one know how great he is and that I'm lucky to have worked with him."

- Nicholas Spark


imgNathan Wang is one of the most successful composers in Hollywood and Asian cinema. Prolific and versatile, he has written music for Jackie Chan movies, Steven Spielberg documentaries, live-action and animated movies for Disney, Dreamworks and Sony studios. His compositions have been performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphoniy Orchestra, Los Angeles Opera and the Chicago Symphony.

Wang's musical journey began with classical music, when he started playing piano at the age of three with his mother's encouragement. His father soon introduced him to jazz artists, and after studying composition with famed composer Morten Lauridsen at the University of Southern California at nine, he graduated from U.S.C at the tender age of 13.

After opting for a general education from Pomona College instead of going to a music conservatory, he received a Fulbright scholarship to continue music graduate studies at Oxford University, England. He excelled in music composition and piano performance overseas, and once he returned to the states, the young pianist began playing at a bar in a popular five-star restaurant, where one of his fans turned out to be a producer for the TV show "China Beach." Doors opened, and Wang eventually became a composer for that show before moving on to write for "Eek! The Cat" on Fox, "Toonsylvania" for DreamWorks Animation, the television series "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures" and many Spielberg projects.

A collaboration with Hans Zimmer on the music for Steven Spielberg's "The Last Days" won an Academy Award for best documentary in 1999. Nathan was awarded the Singapore Grammy for "Best Arrangement of a Song" for his work on Faye Wong's song "I Trust You." He was also commissioned to write an opera in 2000 for Los Angeles Opera, spearheaded by Artistic Director Placido Domingo. Nathan received an Emmy for "Best Arrangement of a Song" for the award winning Showtime show "Reefer Madness." In 2011, Nathan won another Emmy for the documentary film he wrote "The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club"

Since then, Nathan has been entrenched in television and film, working with wonderful directors such as Andy Fickman ("She's the Man" by Dreamworks, and Disney films "The Game Plan" and "You Again") and Kevin Murphy (television series "Valentine" and "Hellcats"). He also composed for the award winning films "One Six Right", "The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club," and the Spanish film "Maktub." Nathan was also chosen by the eminent John Williams to co-compose for John Kerry's documentary film shown at the National Democratic Convention in 2004. In the following year, Nathan saw his musical "Imelda" go to off-Broadway, after it premiered in Los Angeles two years before to sold-out audiences.

Nathan has also been busy working overseas, scoring movies starring international names such as Zhang Ziyi ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,") Wang Leehom, Ji-Seob So, Aaron Kwok and Norika Fujiwara. He has just finished a 72 episode Chinese television series about the life of General Yue Fei. Because of the outstanding music written for the television series, Nathan was commissioned to write an overture, symphony and suite for Erhu and Orchestra based on themes and melodies composed for this series. The concert wasextremely successful and as a result, Nathan has been conmissioned to write another symphonic work for the Shanhai Philiharmonic in the upcoming 2013-2014 season.